My Aunt’s Sugar Cookies!

These sugar cookies are very special to me. Nothing reminds me more of the summers I spent as a kid in The States. The first time I remember eating them was when my then soon-to-be-Aunt made them for my family at our Good –Bye Picnic right before we made Aliyah. What I have always loved about these cookies are their shape and glaze. She always makes them dime size and glazes them with colorful frosting. Ever since then these sugar cookies have always been a treat for me. My Aunt gave me this recipe not too long ago so I could make them for my friends on my Base to give us a bit of special atmosphere for Shabbat.  As I am helping to prepare for Shabbat, I am baking up a batch of these great colorful sugar cookies. Let’s get started baking. It’s really not that difficult and they are very delicious!



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