I’m Back…

Hey Everybody!

Did you miss me? Well great news, I am back! So for all you “Takers” out there you can start taking again. You can contact me-as you know-at: bakersntakers@gmail.com

And for all you “Bakers” many new and great recipes will be coming your way!

In celebration of my return, I would love if people could send me recipes to try out. So please e-mail them to me, once again as you know: bakersntakers@gmail.com

Can’t wait to hear from you, and to kick things off I will soon be posting a recipe of my own creation. I have a feeling for those of you pulling an “All-Nighter” to stay up to watch The Ravens and 49ers battle it out you might want to bring these along.

Enjoy and keeping reading!

Vivs 😉


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