For all you Sharon area residents!

Have you ever wanted to bake a home-made cake for Shabbat but just didn’t have the energy for the clean up? …Or feel like making the effort?

Have you ever wished your house smelt like home baked Challah?

Has a recipe gotten your creative juices flowing…but not enough to propel you to action?

Have you ever wished there would be someone who would do all that work for you?

Well that’s my idea! I loved desserts but most of the time I loved when other people did the work. In the last year, I sat on my couch a lot and surfing the net was the only thing to do. Really! While surfing I came across many great baking recipes and decided to try my luck in the kitchen.  After very positive encouragement, I stayed with my Kitchen Aid and spatula!  The more I baked, the more people I needed to bake for. It started with my immediate family, then to my extended family, my friends, my army unit and just about anyone who looked like they needed a cookie!

So here is my idea!

When you need to bake cookies, cakes or pies or are just craving something sweet, come read my postings so I can share with you the making of  a most perfect dessert. As I try new things, I will post these mouth watering recipes and share some tid-bits on making them special.  And for those of you who enjoy good baked goods, but are “kitchen challenged” you can order one of the delights from my blog to be delivered right to you!

But now you may ask what about the smell of freshly baked challah in my house?

You can have this in your home too.  I can send you FROZEN challot already braided and ready to bake.  I’ll give you expert baking instructions for a perfect challah and some great suggestions for toppings to personalize your challah.  I will be glad to hear from you about the wonderful smell that filled your home on Friday afternoon.

Enjoy reading all my posts and remember you can always have me bake these treats for you.  bakersntakers@gmail.com

I would also be glad to hear from you. Share your feedback on my recipes and feel free to send me some that you would like me to try-out and share with all my readers.

So for ordering or ideas please contact me at: bakersntakers@gmail.com

Vivs 🙂


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