DSC_0652There is only one food that really is trade-market on Purim, Hamentaschen! As I started writing this blog, I realized that other than the fact that I see and eat Hamentaschen every year, I don’t really know much about them. ThAe most interesting aspect for me to learn was the origin, of the name “Hamentaschen”, and the peculiar shape. So being the nerd that I am, I searched the web a little, and came across some interesting facts

For the origin of the name:

In Hebrew Hamentaschen are called “Oznay Haman” meaning “Haman’s Ears”. Now Haman is the villain in our story so why would we be calling our delicious pastry by this name. Well it’s said that it is a reminder of how they used to chop of criminal’s ears. But let’s not think about that too much.

As for the shape, there are many reasons:

  1. It is said that Haman would walk around with a three point hat and there for they are folded that way.
  2. They are there to represent the three fathers of Judaism: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
  3. Last but not least and my favorite: to represent the strengthen of Queen Esther.

Well I hope you all found that interesting, here is a link for more: http://judaism.about.com/od/holidays/a/hamantaschen.htm

On to the recipe, this recipe is the one my dad makes every year!  I like this recipe because the cookie part is very light and rolls out very thin.  This makes for an all-around hamentaschen.  There is a book somewhere out there called Dad’s Potato Pancakes, which is about Hanukah, this is my version and it’s about Hamentaschen and Purim.

For this one week special! 14 Hamentaschen for 25NIS: bakersntakers@gmail.com

For those of you who are baking them at home this recipe makes 50-60 Hamentaschen.



  • 112g margarine
  • 3 cups of flourDSC_0625
  • 2  t baking powder
  • 1/3 cup of sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup of orange juice
  • 1 t lemon juice
  • 1 t vanilla extract.


For this recipe, I recommend fruit butter, like Prune, Dates or Apple mixed with a bit of jam. Our family favorite is two-thirds prune butter and one-third raspberry jam.  We also like baker’s chocolate spread.

To start off, mix all the dry ingredients (not the sugar) together and set aside. Then in a large mixing bowl you are going to want to cream the sugar and margarine together. Once the two ingredients look light and fluffy add the eggs, orange juice, lemon juice and vanilla. Mix well and gradually add the dry ingredients to the mixture.

Once that’s done put into a zip-lock bag and refrigerate for at least 50 minutes.

50 minutes are up! Take two sheets of wax paper and flour generously and start rolling out your dough between the two sheets. This trick makes it very easy to flip the dough and less chance of sticking. Roll the dough as thin as is goes, take a thin rimmed glass or a circular cookie cutter and start making your circles.DSC_0613

DSC_0620Now for filling the cookies I like to use two teaspoons, filling one about a third and using the second to scoop-off the filling into the center of the circle. Only one thing left to do. Folding! Fold three-sides of the circle into the center and pinch the corners so that the filling doesn’t run out during the baking.

Bake them at 350f/ 175c oven for 12-14 minutes, the bottoms should be light brown, and voilà! Go give some to DSC_0632your neighbors!

And always remember if you don’t bake you can take! bakersntakers@gmail.com

Chag Samach and Enjoy!

Vivs 😉



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