DSC_0652There is only one food that really is trade-market on Purim, Hamentaschen! As I started writing this blog, I realized that other than the fact that I see and eat Hamentaschen every year, I don’t really know much about them. ThAe most interesting aspect for me to learn was the origin, of the name “Hamentaschen”, and the peculiar shape. So being the nerd that I am, I searched the web a little, and came across some interesting facts

For the origin of the name:

In Hebrew Hamentaschen are called “Oznay Haman” meaning “Haman’s Ears”. Now Haman is the villain in our story so why would we be calling our delicious pastry by this name. Well it’s said that it is a reminder of how they used to chop of criminal’s ears. But let’s not think about that too much. More


Chocolate Souffle!


If you have 20 minutes to make a special treat for the people you love, here’s a suggestion. Chocolate Souffle!

Enjoy every minute with your loved ones. In my opionion, chocolate is a great way to your special someone’s heart.

Happy Yom Hamishpacha! 😀 More

Apple Pie for Ben!

DSC_0574Yesterday was my brother Ben’s birthday. He isn’t really a dessert person, especially not chocolate!  But if there is one dessert that he loves to use, it’s something with apples. Ben’s a great cook he makes amazing schnitzel, his pizza is always a favorite and he makes a mean apple pie too. Just so you guys understand Ben’s love for pie goes along way. He and my dad drove down the American East Coast on a hunt after small diners with homemade pies. Today I won’t be making he’s recipe, instead I will be making a tribute pie.

Happy Birthday Ben!

And always remember that if you don’t bake you can take: bakersntakers@gmail.com More

‘Smore Cookies ;)


So it’s not some more cookies, which is actually where the title came from! Well you definitely would want some more, but ‘smore as in camping!

Yes, camping with marshmallows, Graham Crackers and of course chocolate! If you love ‘smores you will love these! I really believe that these will be great if you are watching the game tonight indoors and at 1:30-5 am. Yes for those of you who ever want to make Aliyah that’s what we do here. They don’t take that long and are very simple! So before I babble any longer and cut into your nap time here is the recipe. More


I’m Back…

Hey Everybody!

Did you miss me? Well great news, I am back! So for all you “Takers” out there you can start taking again. You can contact me-as you know-at: bakersntakers@gmail.com

And for all you “Bakers” many new and great recipes will be coming your way!

In celebration of my return, I would love if people could send me recipes to try out. So please e-mail them to me, once again as you know: bakersntakers@gmail.com

Can’t wait to hear from you, and to kick things off I will soon be posting a recipe of my own creation. I have a feeling for those of you pulling an “All-Nighter” to stay up to watch The Ravens and 49ers battle it out you might want to bring these along.

Enjoy and keeping reading!

Vivs 😉

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