Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all cooling down from the hectic month we just had, and are enjoying the last relaxing moments we have left.

First off I would like to thank you all for the orders you put in and I am glad to have more of them.

Second from now until further notice my weeks are going to look a little differently. And there for a few things are going to be different. I will still be taking orders, but there will be weeks I won’t be home in which case I will notify you in advance. Orders should all be in by Thursday afternoon. You can check out all the prices on the blog. http://www.bakersntakers.wordpresss.com/prices

As I post new recipes I will also add to the price list.

I will still be posting and blogging but less. So on weeks when I’m not home you can try it out yourself.

In addition I would love to hear ideas for what you would like me to blog about and I will try to get right to it.

I wish you all a Shavua Tov (for what’s left of it) and a Shana Tova!

Bakers N’ Takers



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